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The Iveragh Ballroom, Skelligs Catalyst in partnership with Living Iveragh

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Creativity is the act of bringing into being what doesn’t yet exist, or of transforming what does exist into a better version of itself. (Creative Ireland, 2018)

Built in 1944 and closed in the mid 80s, the Ballroom is approx. 36.5m x 15m. The building will be kept intact as much as possible so the 'history' of the building is visible - the aim of the project is to have an accessible, compliant shell to be fitted out with state-of-the-art 'green-tech' including revealed utilities and temporary adaptable structures to support a multi-purpose RDI. 

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The Vision 

A creative campus as a hub to develop a national centre of excellence that fosters21st Century skills through sustainable place-based activities; cultural activities, Inclusive Design Thinking, CircularEconomic practices, and STEAM education(including Mixed Reality) within sustainable community and education contexts from 1st to 4th level. 

The Mission

The Skelligs Catalyst forefronts social, environmental and economic resilience through creative education, innovation and the development of ethical and equitable entrepreneurial skills, within creative, social and digital innovation.

The Skelligs Catalyst @ the Iveragh Ballroom

The Skelligs CATALYST creative Research Development and Innovation centre of excellence Education, Research, Training, and Community development is a two-strand approach that provides a through-route from education to community, underpinned by a systemic methodology, inclusive design process, and pedagogical philosophy that is in line with Ireland's, the European Union and global strategic policies, innovation agenda and corresponding legislation. 

The CATALYST proposal expands the work of Living Iveragh, CoDesRes, Muinín Catalyst, and other proposed partners to offer an integrated educational and cultural resource, with a focus on youth and community in the following ways



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